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👉 This workshop helps food & beverages businesses improve their marketing by clarifying their message and optimizing their website content.


Most business owners consider their websites as a "brochure", they’re not communicating the things people need in order to engage or place an order. This is a huge loss of sales opportunities and a waste of money.

As food & beverage business owner, this workshop helps you clarify your marketing message and optimize your website content so customers will understand what you offer faster, engage and buy from you! 💯

😍 Bonus: Get a chance to have your website reviewed during the workshop, leave your website URL in the registration form.


During this workshop you will:

✅ Understand what your customers actually want when it relates to your business

✅ Define a clear sales strategy for your website

✅ Clarify your message so customers understand what you offer

✅ Revise and optimize your website content for sales

✅ Get a website checklist for your webmaster/marketing team


👨‍💼 Trainer: Martial Ganiere, Marketing coach & CEO at Spiced

Creative director of his own digital agency since 2002, Martial helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners like you turn their business ideas into successful business thanks to effective marketing and branding.

As most of his clients struggle to communicate clearly what they do, Martial helps them clarify their message applying a storytelling framework, so they can grow their revenue.

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