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  • An improved productivity through better teamwork, communication, and coordination.
  • Become aligned around the “big picture” and a deeper level understanding of strategy and tactical initiatives.
  • Exercise and improve the key leadership skills necessary to drive fast development in a dynamic business environment.
  • Improvebusinessstrategizingskillson a dynamic market.
  • Better understand how different functions of the company depend on each other.
  • Improve how you analyze business performance.
  • Be able to take better decisions for optimal allocation of limited resources.
  • Become increasingly responsive to internal and external customer needs.

Workshop Format

  • Two-day workshop experiences in 7-8 years of business simulation.
  • Participants will get a deep knowledge and invaluable experiences in 7-8 years of business simulation only two-day workshop.
  • This workshop provides a rare opportunity for you to abandon preconceptions, explore new alternatives, adopt new behaviors and be ready for any changing in your real business situation.

Key challenges in simulation

Like you manage your real business, in our simulation, you and your team have to make the strategic plan and be able to execute the plan to grow your business and profit. You are challenged to practice the followings:

  • Create your mission and vision
  • Analyze TOWS for the industry and your enterprise
  • Analyze BCG and Ansoft model for finding your portfolio’s investment plan
  • Create strategic objectives
  • Build KPIs for monitoring your goals and progress
  • Focus investment
  • Define your competitive advantages and the competitors’ advantages
  • Analyze company’s value chain and supply chain
  • Make short and long term strategic plan
  • Alignment and Collaboration across all departments

About “Decision Base Simulation”

The Interactive business simulation games copyrights of Celemi, which have played by 3.400.000 worldwide business people, there is 99.3% who would like to introduce this game to the others. 

 (a result of the survey by TNS Gallup).


  • Material: Board-based business simulation.
  • The number of participants: Six competing teams, 12-24 participants in total. Multiple seminars can be held simultaneously.
  • The time required: 2 days, corresponding to 7-8 years of operation.
  • Facilitator: Certified by Celemi.
  • Languages: Vietnamese 

Our Client Testimonial

CJ Head office: The program offers an extremely enjoyable and valuable experience. Through a 7 years operation, We drew out:

• Cash flow management is very important and requires careful strategic research

• Longitudinal development is a long-term strategy, horizontal development are a short-term strategy

• Must understand the internal forces and opponents, to identify opportunities in difficult. What we will apply for the program is that we will actively create demand (market education).

Senior Planning Analyst 

Jollibee Vietnam: The program has changed my mind as well as part of the team planning in purchasing by coordinating sales, in marketing teams to plan the production and purchase of optimal materials.

Purchasing Manager

Nike Inc.: The program was interesting and fun, but challenging at the same time. The 3 things that I got inspired by the program:

• Strategic vision, overall strategic picture and business operation in a very clear view.

• Understand and feel very real about the importance of coordination and linking resources within the organization.

• Effective management and use of capital.

Training Manager 

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7.900.000 VND
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Additional information:
Substitute is acceptable and the participation fee is non-refundable for cancellation.
(Tham dự thay được áp dụng và không hoàn phí tham dự trong trường hợp hủy bỏ.)

Purchased Ticket includes:
Handbook & Material for participants
04 Leadership multiple-choice tests
Certificate by Celemi
03 Tea breaks
01 Lunch Buffet
10% VAT
(Tài liệu & học cụ
04 bài trắc nghiệm năng lực lãnh đạo
Chứng nhận Celemi
03 ăn nhẹ giữa giờ
01 ăn trưa tự chọn
10% VAT)

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