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This workshop will provide you with the knowledge needed to understand Experience Management. We will focus on Customer and Employee Experience, explain why is it so important and give you a structured approach on how to measure, manage, and excel both for your customers and employees.



· Understand what is Customer & Employee Experience

· Understand how to measure Customer & Employee Experience

· Which steps to take to win fans and engaged employees



Why experience management is now important? Experience vs. service happiness How to measure and improve customer experience How to measure and improve employee experience Experience management cycle



Everybody who deeply cares about customers and employees and would like to know how to stay closer to their experience with your company and how to systematically improve it. 



Founder, CX & Agile / Project Consultant of Asia PMO
Carsten has extensive international management career in business consulting, project leadership, customer experience, and change management in Europe, Latin-America, and South East Asia. He lived the last 8 years in Vietnam & Myanmar working for the consumer sector in E-commerce & Finance running projects to simplify and excel value propositions, operational excellence & customer services.

He supported clients to measure their customer's experience, to implement experience management cycles for continuous improvements for customers & employees. He further consults clients on Project, Agile Management & OKRs to empower clients to succeed in fast-changing environments and fast-changing markets.

He is an accomplished PMI certified project management trainer and an experienced speaker/event hosts for start-up, customer/employee experience, and PMI conferences.



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