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This course focuses on the principles and practice of budgeting and accounting and providing participants with the practical knowledge to manage budgets effectively in the workplace.

Designed for:

This course is designed for non-financial managers in every functional area who need to understand the language and basic principles of finance in organizations and who wish to feel confident with budget preparation.

Date: 24 & 25 - September 2019 (2 days)
Location: Sheraton Hotel
Trainer: Le Cong Thien (Mr.)
Training fee: 7,600,000 5,320,000
Language: Vietnamese

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic principles and terminology of finance
  2. Analyse and interpret financial reports
  3. Prepare meaningful budgets and forecast profitability
  4. Make full use of management information and clarify management decisions

Course Content:

Introduction to the principles of accounting

  • Overview of how accounting structures started and how they developed

Accounting Transactions

  • Gain an appreciation of double entry accounts and how they work
  • Understand the names and functions of all the essentials including: turnover, revenue, profits, balance sheet, liabilities, income statement and cash flow

Interpreting Accounts

·Make sense of whole documents and create a story from them

·Spot which areas of business are not performing and why that might be

  • Understand profit and loss accounts
  • Establish the difference between fixed and current assets
  • Understand how depreciation impacts your accounts
  • Look at company accounts and look for trends in the data to make sense from   them

Budgets & Budgetary Control

  • Learn what a budget is and how to construct one
  • How to control against a budget once it exists and what can be done if you realise your actuals (what really happened) does not match the forecast
  • Practice more finance speak and get comfortable with creating budgets

Management Accounting & Performance Management

  • Speak the language of business properly
  • You will discuss profit and margins and how to decide if a business is performing well or not. You will use various tools to manage performance
  • Learning tools to help you assess your own financial performance

Funds Management and Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Understand why cash forecasting is so important
  • Learn the basics of fund management
  • Experience the type of decisions needed when managing funds and you will see the problems associated with forecasting cash flow

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Understand an often used tool in management.
  • Show how good a proposal is in terms of what it will cost against the benefits it brings.
  • Tangible and intangible benefits are discussed
  • Learn how to do a cost benefit analysis.


About our Trainer:

Mr Thien has over 15 years of experience working for different companies in Vietnam. In addition to his business experience, he has more than ten years of experience developing and delivering training programs in Vietnam. 

He has delivered over 100 business and management workshops for both Vietnamese and multinational organizations. 

Mr Thien is a lively, friendly and dedicated trainer who creates a lively learning atmosphere for students in his courses. 

Mr Thien has over ten years of experience managing the financial operation of different organization in Vietnam. As the Deputy General Manager of HSC Vietnam, he is responsible for evaluating and managing all of the department budgets and finances. At ANZ Bank he was responsible for writing and managing the budgets of small to Medium Enterprises division. He was also responsible for writing budgets at Citibank and Deutsche Bank. One of his passions is delivering Financial Management Program. 

Mr Thien has consulted on the following projects: 

• Coordinated research project with Georgetown University and Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS).

• Arranged pre-export facility of US$15 million to cater working capital need for top seafood exporters. 

• Arranged a US$12 million pre-export financing facility to top seven local coffee exporters. 

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