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Have you ever experienced Saigon as a visitor?

During the 2nd half of the 19th century, this city transformed from a middle-age trading post to a European style city, and many of the transformation footprint shaped the city landscape, especially in the downtown area around Dong Khoi and Nguyen Hue Street. This relaxed walking event will show you around the area with French-era architecture, city history as well as French influence over the city's daily scene until now.

The number of slots is capped at 15 to maintain quality. The minimum pax to depart is 5.

This walking program is part of SaigonWalks' community event series to explore Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding area, as well as to overcome challenges for the tourism industry. To study more about SaigonWalks and these community events:

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Standard ticket (3~70 year old)

89.000 VND
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Booking before 12:00PM Friday 25 Sep. Limited slot.

Last minute ticket (3~70 year old)

109.000 VND
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SaigonWalks, operated by Scivi Travel, is a walking, heritage tour operator in Vietnam. Our mission is to bringing fun and knowledgeable walking experience to locals and visitors to enjoy Vietnamese cities and heritage sites.

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