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[Glints - GEC International Series] Building Global Network to Uncover New Opportunities


In this digital era, technically we live in a universal country. We can connect and communicate to many people in overseas areas to learn everything from them and that’s the meaning of global networks. Since there are no more boundaries it makes us have a lot of connections yet competitors too. In addition, South East Asia are heading towards South East Asia Economy-Society. Hence, from now on we should build a good personal branding for ourselves in the global network so we don’t get outdated to compete with others. A good personal branding disclosed many new opportunities that might be expected or not expected. In this class you’ll get to know how to build and find a purpose of global network with good personal branding, develop your personal branding through Linkedin, able to identify which network you want to participate in and disclosed an opportunity with your personal brandingAfter the class, you will be able to create powerful personal branding, especially through LinkedIn, to grow your network locally and globally as well as to uncover new opportunities.


With Andee Chua (Co-Founder of Kampung Collective), we will share some insights on:

  • Participants understand how to create and develop personal branding that matches with their purpose
  • Participants understand benefit of developing their global network
  • Participants know how to find their purpose of networking
  • Participants able to identify which network they want to participate in that match with their life-goal


This Class is suggested for:

  • International Relations Enthusiast
  • International Entrepreneurship 
  • Social Network Enthusiast
  • Entry Level job/ Interns
  • People who concern to get career or study abroad


About Glints Expert Class
Glints Expert Class is a program by Glints to facilitate young professionals who are curious and eager to amplify their skill set. This event will be held live via Zoom (Zoom Link can be accessed on e-voucher after payment successful).



  • The event will be held on 09 October 2020.
  • Soundcheck will start at 18:50 (GMT+7).
  • The class will start at 19:00 WIB (GMT+7).
  • Please provide us with your valid full name and email address. We will send the Zoom link through your registered email.
  • This class will use English as it’s language.
  • If you bought the bundle ticket, please inform your partner(s) email address to
  • You may contact our customer hero at for further assistance.

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