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[GEC International Series] How To Kickstart Your Career in a Venture Capital Company

The idea of getting a job in VC might be intriguing for business minds out there. Venture capitalist’s responsibility is not only to foster business but also to foster new innovative ideas and strategies. They play a huge role in driving business growth, through consultancy and advisory services. The biggest challenge of this role is to keep themselves updated with the most recent market trends, the competitive range, and diverse industry knowledge.Besides all those interesting offers from the role, making career moves is an important decision, thus we should gather as much data as possible to ensure it supports your big plan and purpose. This class will help you understand about Venture Capital better by giving an explanation about the role, career path, and the industry.


With Marvin R. Reinhart (Principal Investment Manager for Indonesia, STIC Investments), we will share some insights on:


  • Understanding how Venture Capital works and what kind of professionals are needed in this industry
  • Knowing the skills, competencies, and mindset they should possess to be able to develop a career in this field
  • Getting the big picture of the career path in Venture Capital
  • What to prepare and how to build the portfolio to get hired in Venture Capital firms


This Class is suggested for:

  • MBA students
  • MBA graduates
  • Business Strategist
  • Startup Enthusiast
  • Business Management enthusiast
  • Venture development enthusiast


About Glints Expert Class
Glints Expert Class is a program by Glints to facilitate young professionals who are curious and eager to amplify their skill set. This event will be held live via Zoom (Zoom Link can be accessed on e-voucher after payment successful).



  • The event will be held on 27 September 2020.
  • Soundcheck will start at 09.50 (GMT+7).
  • The class will start at 10.00 WIB (GMT+7).
  • Please provide us with your valid full name and email address. We will send the Zoom link through your registered email.
  • This class will use English as it’s language.
  • If you bought the bundle ticket, please inform your partner(s) email address to
  • You may contact our customer hero at for further assistance.

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