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I cannot remember the last time we met. We’ve been disconnected for such a while. Now it’s the time for reconnecting, let’s have offline meetup together!

If you step back and observe the current state of software world, Go and CloudNative are like 2 soldiers stay in same line of the battle. Go apps turned into docker, get deployed on the air of AWS, GCP, Azure is kind a best practice. In the other hand, orchestration, monitoring and deployments tools almost written in Go.

Cloud Native VietNam, did you copy that?

This meetup is way more special than usual, we’re gonna collaborate with Cloud Native VietNam - one of the biggest Cloud community in Vietnam.

Being co-hosted, VNG Corporation is proudly venue / F&B sponsors this time.

These awesome talks that come from 2 communities, let’s check it out:

Talk 1 : ConcourseCI in practice - Viet Nguyen, one of the most aggressive admin from CloudNative Vietnam, also a Devops Leader from Quoine will share to us the study case of ConcourseCI - Jenkins alternative?

Talk 2: Optimizing Go code without a blindfold
Making code faster is exciting, and benchmarks in Go make that easy to do!
—> Not really. Optimizing a program can be complex and require careful consideration to do properly.
Daniel ("Dan") Martí, who is Senior Systems Engineer at Brankas, is known as Go’s celebrity who has talked in GopherCon UK, US, SG will demonstrate techniques and tools which are a must for any performance aficionado.

Talk 3: Grafana Loki, Thor’s younger brother- Hien Tu, Engineer Director from beGroup, a very young and wild ride hailing startup that has been emerged recently, takes his time to introduce a Prometheus like, but for logging - Loki. That would be interesting talk.

Looking forward to seeing you gophers!

P/S: Our presentations are on Vietnamese for better performance.

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