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Long time no see, Gophers,
Go has just had its own 7 years birthday and the promising plan for the next release Feb - Go 1.8
Let's celabrate!

It's been 2 months from the last time we met. This meetup we want to bring to those adorable Gophers some cool, flammable, controversial topics that quite frequently asked in Go.

Topic 1: We have Triet Pham from Lozi backend core team share his thoughts about the Go ORM.
- Go ORM, bad or good? When we use ORM and when we use SQL pure query particularly in Go. Benchmark comparision in production(optional)

Topic 2: Go has magic! Interface is known as the most miraculous thing in Go. However, holding the power brings along warnings and tradeoffs. Nguyen Duc Tam from Aduin Transaction will have a talk to clarify these things.
- Interface in Go under the hood.

Lightning talks: 
* Lightning talk 1, 2, 3 (tba, please contact us if you'd like give a 5-10 minute lightning talk - có gì muốn khoe hem?)

Remember to bring more gophers there and help us to spread out this message for the sake of community.

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