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Do lần techtalk trước có sự cố venue không diễn ra được, mời các bạn tham gia lại cùng Grokking trong techtalk lần này :) - những bạn đã đăng ký lần trước xin đăng ký lại giúp tụi mình nhé.

Join us this Dec 24th, 3.30pm for Grokking Vietnam TechTalk #15. 

Our theme this time is Data Analytics in Logistics, where we’ll talk about problems in logistics which can be solved using data analytics, the technologies behind the logistic companies. (honestbee, GiaoHangNhanh, Ninja Van, GogoVan, MESH Korea, etc.)

Do note that the talks' languages will be in Vietnamese.

Talk 1: The data processing journey at AhaMove - Thuc Nguyen, 
The topic is to share data problems which AhaMove had to deal with onearly days, and how our engineering culture and philosophy affected our decisions and actions on handling these issues with detailed showcases on geospatial analytics and data pipeline.

This talk is going to take around 30 minutes in Vietnamese.

Talk 2: Batching and routing of deliveries - Ngoc Tran
This talk would discuss the challenges in implementing the batching algorithm to optimize deliveries.

honestbee is an on-demand grocery delivery platform in the beginning and later on branch out to other services where logistics is the platform (laundry, food delivery). 

This talk is going to take around 30 minutes in Vietnamese.

Talk 3: Architectural decisions @ Parcel Perform - Khang Nguyen

The talk covers key architectural decisions when building a data analytics pipeline for logistics.

Parcel Perform is inspired to become Google Analytics in the field of logistics. We believe last mile delivery is broken and there are better approaches to offer consumer with a better end-to-end experience.

This talk is going to take around 30 minutes in Vietnamese.

Speaker: Ngoc Tran, Senior Data Engineer / Scientist, honestbee
Ngoc is part of the initial member of the Data team at honestbee to build the data infrastructure as well as machine learning modelling for various problems at honestbee in e-commerce and logistics. Prior to honestbee, Ngoc works at Zendesk as backend engineer for its Live Chat product.

Speaker: Thuc Nguyen - Lead Operation Engineer, AhaMove
Thuc Nguyen is working at AhaMove - an 1.5 year old instant delivery startup - as Lead Operation Engineer.

Speaker: Khang Nguyen is the first engineer of Parcel Perform and responsible much for everything people see on Parcel Perform website, as well as server outage. Happens to organize BarCamp in free time.

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