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Money is a great incentive, but there are many other paths to happiness at work

Free gym, snacks, coffee… It’s not happiness at work: it’s only perks. Happiness at work is not just perks. In fact, according to several researches, compensation is considered as one of the least important factors in relation to workplace happiness. So even if you think that your compensation isn’t growing the way you think it should, remember that there are other factors besides money that can keep you satisfied and engaged at work.

Learn more about strategies to improve to HAPPINESS AT WORK… and discover how it will sustain you (and your colleagues as well) in your workplace.

Join us to understand how you can bring a happier you at work, to increase motivation, engagement.


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EQuest Asia

We help organisations to identify, assess manage risks especially in the areas of stress, burnout, overwork, information overload, toxic or negative or low moral and motivation workplaces. We help our clients to achieve sustainable high performance from their teams.
EQuest Asia is a consulting business based in Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney.
Key offerings include Emotional Assessments: this includes the SEI Six Seconds and MHS EQi 2.0 assessments for leaders and employees, 360 multi raters, one-to-one coaching, workshops at your workplace and leadership development consulting.
We are also accredited with the Camp Quality Positive Psychology O.R.A.N.G E.S (only 7 coaches accredited to run this program in the world), the resilience AQR Mental Toughness MT48 and the Personality LDP Leading Dimensions Profile.
We also offer Happiness at Work team assessments working collaboratively with the UK-based New Economic Foundation. We address team culture change and run masterclasses in happiness, coaching and professional development consulting.

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