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8th instalment of Heart Beat ♣ 

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✔ Andre Kronert// Night Drive Music, 3000Grad [GER] 
✔ Nic Ford // Deep Booth Records [UK]
✔ Chris Wolter // Heart Beat [GER]
✔ B.A.X // Feel of Life Records, Heart Beat [VN]

$$ ENTRANCE FEE: normal 100k VND // presale 80k VND// students 50k VND

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#.Andre Kronert __________________ 
His star is on the rising in the techno scene of Europe. This giant German comes as versatile as you've ever seen @ Heart Beat. He's one of the founders of the online vinyl shop "Decks". Running several labels, including Night Drive Music. And is a gifted multi faceted producer. And nowadays a frequent face in Berghain/ Panorama bar Berlin. (

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Chào mừng các bạn đến với Heart Beat số 8 


Thông tin sự kiện:

Lần này Heart Beat sẽ mang đến với các bạn DJ bí ẩn người Đức, đồng thời là nhà sản xuất, bố già của các nhãn đĩa
✔ Andre Kronert (Đức) // Night Drive Music, 3000 Grad
✔ Nic Ford (Anh) // Deep Booth Records
✔ Chris Wolter (Đức) // Heart Beat
✔ B.A.X. (VN) // Feel of Life RecordsHeart Beat

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#. Andre Kronert 

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Classic underground techno is what Heart Beat Saigon is all about. Comprised of a collective of international DJs from Germany, Thailand, France, and Vietnam, the Heart Beat Saigon sound ranges from minimalist Detroit grooves to the energetic Euro tech house sound. Whatever the genre the emphasis is always on passion, creativity and bringing underground sounds to the dance floors of Saigon.

With the aim of developing Saigon’s underground techno scene, Heart Beat Saigon maintains an active schedule of events, often featuring a touring international DJ supported by local DJs at quality venues in Saigon. Between larger events Heartbeat proudly puts on parties at more intimate venues featuring local and expat DJs.

Previous guest DJ’s have included Emanuel (US), Hair Emmrich (GER), Silvio Marquardt and Albee (GER)..


Our very first event took place in Red Bar 2nd floor 70-74 Ngo Duc Ke Street on December 15 2012
Our regular small events started in the legendary Queen Bar with DJ tAKa and his wife Mie. This was our home and was slowly becoming an incubator for the underground scene of electronic music until the sad point that Queen bar had to close. The last event of Heart Beat in QUeen Bar was on 14 June 2013. The closing party was named Sayonara Queen Bar. That night 7 DJ’s dropped their last ever tracks in this venue. Mix sets of this night can be found on our soundcloud.

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