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The banking and financial services industry has been at the forefront of exploiting data and using analytics to drive businesses, overcome challenges and focus on customers. From boardroom to frontline, analytics are essential for reporting, generating impactful insights and powering decisions.

Join us for a half-day summit with our industry experts as we discuss about the critical challenges and best practices in operational analytics across the different departments in a banking/financial services organisation.


Event Agenda

• The Power of Visual Analytics by Qlik

- by Simon Ma, Regional Director Commercial Sales & Channels, ASEAN at Qlik

Analytics help staff at all levels to make better decisions. Unpacked key performance indicators provide visual transparency into trends, concentrations, and anomalies so that attention and resources can be mobilized to exploit opportunities whilst mitigating emerging risks. Listen in to find out the trends in Visual Analytics; how organisations are implementing it and what pitfalls to avoid.

• Advanced Analytics Stories by Alteryx

- by Vincent Toh, Team Lead, Sales Engineering, ASIA at Alteryx

According to McKinsey’s Analytics Quotient, companies that are more analytically driven realize financial growth three times higher than their less analytical competitors. Hear from our speaker as he shares how you can get deeper insights through fast data preparation and blending and building analytical models quickly.

• Panel Discussion

led by Dr. Trang Nguyen, Lead Consultant, SIFT Analytics Group Vietnam, Vincent Toh, Team Lead, Sales Engineering, ASIA at Alteryx, Simon Ma, Regional Director Commercial Sales & Channels, ASEAN at Qlik

- Driving factors to adopting analytics in the banking industry

- Addressing challenges to a data-driven organisation

- The role of business analytics professionals as catalysts to drive analytical innovation

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Đơn vị tiên phong trong lĩnh vực Business Analytics bao gồm Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Optimization. Trụ sở chính tại Singapore, SIFT đang giúp đỡ các Doanh nghiệp, Tổ chức Giáo dục, và Đơn vị Sự nghiệp ở Việt nam bắt kịp xu hướng ra quyết định thông minh dựa vào số liệu tại Việt Nam.

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