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Join us for an event with Mr. Walter Roth, founder of Inward, Inc., a mobile health startup. In this experiential discussion, you will learn how Mr. Roth came to use the phrase “Inward Mindset” from his quest to apply meditation and psychological techniques for elite performance and to manage the stress of founding startups. Here’s what you will learn and experience:

+What is an Inward Mindset? What are the advantages and obstacles to using it?
+Discussions in pairs and groups on the topic of being your best self as an entrepreneur and parent/family member
+Example ways to apply an Inward Mindset daily: : Intention Setting, Mindful Pause, Cognitive Check-in, Pair Presencing
+3-5 Inward experiences with the option to share your experience to a different partner or the entire group each time
+Using digital strategies to apply Inward Mindset techniques for the next week through calendar reminders or your tool of choice
+Make a commitment to follow through and share your daily experience on the FB event page

This event aims to support creating a better connection to your best self and 3-5 new people who are also seeking to apply mindful concepts into their lives and business coping strategies for better performance and less stress!

Special Opportunity for local experts

We have a special opportunity for those of you who are mindfulness coaches and would like to present your own 3-5 minute Inward Mindset experience during the event. Please contact us with your idea because we would love to connect with you! This will help participants know who they can reach out to in their area for supporting using the Inward Mindset concept to manage whatever they need related to their startup.

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