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In today’s organizations, to guarantee their viability and ability to contribute, HR managers need to think of themselves as strategic partners. In this role, the HR person contributes to the development of and the accomplishment of the organization-wide business plan and objectives. Today’s organizations cannot afford to have an HR department that fails to contribute to lead modern thinking and contribute to enhancing company profitability. -Susan M. Heathfield

Many HR professionals are held back by clinging to the outdated notion that the human resources function is about serving employees.

During the session, we  will be presenting studies and samples of execution on HR being a: 

(1) Designer of Change - How HR leaders and practitioners can utilize Design Thinking process when designing change management programs for the company 

(2) Communications Strategist - Effective communications strategist prior and during the implementation of change, utilizing both Analytics and Marketing techniques

(3) Coach and Consultant - The critical role of HR as consultant to leadership team, as well as a coach to managers and employees impacted by the change

At the end of the seminar, attendees will be able to:
a) identify top three roles of HR in leading organizational change
b) identify the different roles of key players in achieving organizational transofrmationdetails here




Mila Pascual is a recognized Strategic HR Leader who is passionate in developing HR practitioners become successful in their HR career. She is also a known champion of transformational leadership, talent, change and organization management. Mila is a trusted advisor to executives and senior leadership teams on how to sustain a leadership and talent culture that drives optimum business results.

She is the founder of CoActive Leadership Solutions (CALS) working with organizations to optimize their human capital management programs, design and execute transformational leadership development programs, and provide coaching to senior leaders and business owners. 


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