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Although study overseas trend continues to grow in Vietnam, a foreign degree has been no longer the magic key for work opportunities as in the past, especially in saturated sectors such as banking and finance, when there has been still a lack of high quality man power in other areas,  which urges the need for more specific and practical programs to be designed along with work orientation activities to be delivered to the students and young officers who are going beyond country border to study.


In term of the demand for good quality human resources of the local companies, particularly in softer and emerging areas such as FMCG; Marketing & Branding; Media & Communications; Retail; Services, etc . It is beneficial for the firms to have well career oriented and skillful, well-trained students to become their future staffs. On the other hand, with clearer industries and jobs insight, the students would  know better about where, what and how to invest their money on studying (abroad), and accordingly to better prepare for their personal competitive advantages for next career steps.     


As a prestigious academic institution in UK, with several top-ranked teaching and research areas, BU expects to connect with Vietnamese companies and professionals and experts to join in a co-operation project, to supply the audiences with both career orientation and academic orientation, which would support them to smarter tailor a pathway of higher education and work as briefly mentioned above, under the name of“INSIDEjobs”


About workshop #9: Workplacement & Employability in the UK


In recent years, the UK visa is considered to be more restricted, and it is, in deed. However, the UK institutes in general, and specifically Bournemouth University has been focusing on creating more opportunities for students to get work experiences, bootcamp, work-placement and supporting the employability of the students after graduation.


It is accordingly very important for the students who are going to study abroad, and in the UK have a clear idea of what they are going to learn and work abroad, and how they could take advantages of personal ability and school’s support to attain a good workplacement, and furthermore a work in the UK.


This Friday, October 21 at The Artfolio Coworking Café, let’s chat with BU and Miss Dung Hoang, from Planet Retail, one of the top market research firm in the world, to know her story, and to know where your plan will take you to in the future.


Our agent, ISC UKEAS will also be there to give you some advices about studying abroad


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Bournemouth University is ranked in the Times Higher Education top 500 universities in the world and amongst the top 200 most international universities in the world. Particularly, BU is proud to be home to the UK's National Centre for Computer Animation, the UK’s only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, a Centre for Excellence in Tourism according to the UN World Tourism Organisation, and the No.1 work experience university in the UK, with 44% of the students to get workplacement yearly, and over 90% of the students to be employed or study higher within 6 months after graduation

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