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User Experience is what puts humans at the center of design process. Starting without the User (UX), means that you (YouX) have no idea if the product will succeed. In this talk we’ll share to you how to identify what problems are the most important to your user and how to prioritize them. We’ll also cover how ideation can be used to solve problems and generate multiple solutions. Join us for this interesting and fun evening of discussion and idea sharing.


IT's UX, not YouX


Time: 6:30PM – 8:30 PM, Thursday, 9 May 2019.

Venue: Ansarada office, 3rd floor, Etown 1, 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh district, HCMC.

Language: This event will be conducted in English only.




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About our speakers


Simon is a Product designer at Ansarada - Working at an Australian software company helping businesses to know, raise and realize their potential. He previously designed experiences for customers of Lazada and Sentifi. Simon’s journey with design started more than 10 years ago in Russia, working in e-commerce and the game industries. Simon is a customer advocate, applying design thinking to build human-centered products.

"Stuart Grieve is a UX/UI Director at PYCO Vietnam. Originally from South Africa, Stuart is a veteran in the creative, technology and design industries, and has over the last 15 years been refining his craft in a variety of domains and markets. His area of interest is working on “first-to-market” solutions, ideation, and delivering user centric experiences. "


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It's UX, not YouX

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"Ansarada in partnership with PYCOGROUP" is opening an innovative product development centre in Saigon, Vietnam.
Our business involves confidentially managing the flow of information between buyers and sellers in merger and acquisition deals. M&A is a complex process, so our challenge is to provide a powerful but simple interface that gives people confidence they are in control. Our mission is to make life easier for people in involved in those deals.
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