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Smartphone overview:

  • Smartphone adoption is rising fast. It’s an important device to ensure an always-on connection alongside the PC. 
  • Smartphone adoption has seen a rapid increase in Vietnam whereas smartphone penetration is 72% in 2016 and it continues increasing last year.
  • 2017: 69% of all digital media time is spent on mobile in the US. 
  • 85% of all mobile time is spent in apps in 2017

Mobile Marketing @ DMA Saigon

  • Laying The Foundation For Your Mobile Campaign
  • Graphs, numbers, and data to help you understand the mobile app ecosystem. 
  • Links to the best report, resources for Mobile Marketing. 

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Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

Started in early 2014, Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) is the community of more than 40.000 digital marketing professionals who are interested to champion deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of digital marketing.

Our members connect at regular events that inspire creativity, innovation, responsible marketing and more. We give the industry best-practice guidelines, legal updates and a code that puts the customer at the heart. By sharing our knowledge, together, we’ll make it vibrant.

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