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Black Earth  – Fazil Say

Piano Lin Kwon

Tango Etude No.3 - A. Piazzolla

Clarinet Min Kyung Duk

Caprice in C Major – Mauro Gilulliani

Guitar Akaratcht Dang

Three pieces for clarinet solo – Igor Stravinsky

Clarinet Min Kyung Duk



Intermezzo No.2, op.118 – J. Brahms

Playing Love – Ennio Morricone

Piano Lam Hien Hoang

Sonata for Violin and Piano - Norman Dello Joio

Violin Rudolph Kremer, Piano Kwon Lin

Shalom Aleichem, Rov Feidman – Bela Kovacs

Clarinet Min Kyung Duk, Piano Kwon Lin

Si deus mi relinquit - Taku Iwasaki (Arr. Akaratcht Dang)

Histore du Tango – A. Piazzolla

Violin Rudolph Kremer

Guitar Akaratcht Dang


Kyungduk was born in Korea at 1979. He started the clarinet since 1994 and began bachelor 1998 to 2006.During his bachelor in Korea, he served in the military duties in the national police wind orchestra from 2000 till 2002.After graduation, he continued his musical development with Isabelle Duthoit, Francis Gauthier and Olivier PIERRE-VERGNAUD at EVRY Conservatoire, POISSY conservatoire and MEUDON conservatoire.
He have played in the orchestra in Paris as well as numerous chamber music concerts.
He successfully graduated those three Conservatoires with diplôme of musicales dominante clarinette at EVRY, concours superieur 1er prix clarinette and perfectionnement at POISSY and musique de chambre at MEUDON.

After he returned to his homeland, Korea in 2011, he was a member of majorities orchestra as a clarinetist.

Also he was very active to give many concerts with his clarinet ensemble SOLI and clarinet duo MADRUGADA.


Akaratcht Dang is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who started out playing guitar and keyboard in fusion ensembles, and acoustic guitar music for several art galleries and venues, but eventually moved on to perform with orchestras as a classical guitarist. He was awarded a scholarship to study at the Conservatory of Alicante.

He holds degrees from the University of New South Wales (Art & Design) and Mahidol University, College of Music (Music Performance). He also had the opportunity to study composition under Dr. Tyler Capp and Dr. Julia Lake Bozone during his time at Prince Mahidol University. The music he writes ranges from avant-garde, serial music to minimal and film music.

As a guitarist, he had taken classes with Marco Tamayo, David Russell, Ignacio Rodes, Manuel Barrueco, Roland Dyens, Pepe Romero, Manolo Sanlucar and many more.


Lin Kwon was born in Seoul, Korea, Lin started her piano study at the age of five. She continued her piano study with HaeYoen-Yoo, JungHwa-Moon and MoonWoon-Lee. She was very passionate to play chamber music, had experiences as an accompanist and pianist in the orchestra before she study abroad. From 2006 she began her bachelor study at Codarts, Hogeschool boor Muziek en Dans Rotterdam (Rotterdam Conservatory) with professor Stephane de May.

She completed her Bachelor degree in 2009 with highest mark which made her to get international talent grant for the Master study from the school and at the same time she got full scholarship from Van Beek-Donner Stichting. She got Master degree in 2011 with outstanding mark. During her academic year, Lin has been accompanying for vocal class of Frans Huijts and conducting class of Hans Leenders at Codarts as well as pianist for Laurenskerk koor.

Lin has moved to Vietnam in 2016 with full of enthusiasm for foster the younger generation. Currently she is training junior scholars and compiling piano tutor.


Lam Hien Hoang is recognised as one of Vietnamese’s most versatile and imaginative musicians and among today's most engaging pianists. She began her music education at the age of seven and it has remained a fundamental part of her life. Ms. Hoang is a graduate of the highly regarded Liege Royal Conservatory of Music in Liege,  Belgium. She has performed and taught piano in Belgium, Luxembourg, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh city. Heralded as ‘one of the most innovative pianists in Vietnam today’, the 28th year – old pianist from Hanoi received her Superior Degree from the Luxembourg Conservatory of Music, and both Bachelor and Master Degree from the Liege Royal Conservatory of music.

During her study at the Vietnam National Conservatory of Music in 1993 – 1997, she continuously won a numeral of first prizes at the keyboard competitions which included a serie of Yamaha keyboard competitions. Besides that, she also got a full scholarship from the National conservatory of music for her contributions to the conservatory. Her teachers here are included Dr. Luu Quang Minh and Dr. Tran Thu Ha – former director of the conservatory.

During her musical journey in Europe, Lam has worked closely with many famous pianists included Sylvie Vinkel, Daniel Blumenthel, Dana Protopopescu, Thomas Duis, Jean Muller. She studied in the studio of professor Jean Schils, and also got lessons with professors Marie – Paule Cornia, Christophe Meunier, Nadia Jradia, Stephane De May, Gabriel Teclu.

Since embarking onto the musical arena, Lam has successful established herself firmly as a concert pianist in Liege, Belgium. She was invited to perform Mozart’s piano concerto No. 21 with Luxembourg Conservatory of Music Orchestra. In December 2011, Ms. Hoang performed with the Liege Royal Conservatory of Music Orchestra in a concert named « Kisses from Russia ». Besides that, Lam was an active soloist in many concert halls around Liege and Bruxelle area, and participated in many music festivals in Liege.


Mr. Rudolph Kremer began playing with the San Francisco Symphony in 1995 and performs frequently with the Chicago Symphony and the Minnesota Orchestra. He holds a master’s degree from Western Illinois University, where he studied with Almita and Roland Vamos. He was first violinist of the Fidelio String Quartet in Lisbon, Portugal while teaching at that city’s National Superior Academy of Music, and he served as assistant concertmaster and principal second violin of the Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra of Lisbon. He has also played with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Florida Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, The International Orchestra of Italy, and the Malaysian Philharmonic.  In June of 2016 Mr. Kremer performed for the first time in Vietnam with the Saigon Philharmonic and is looking forward to an active future of teaching and performing in Vietnam.

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