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Have you ever wondered why your business competitors are likely to recruit more easily and effectively than you? Which kinds of tools are they using to acquire the talent for corporate? And are those tools are really beneficial?

it is undeniable that you are living in the digital era in which technology and Internet dominates all spheres of life, recruiters need to apply digital tools to reach and attract talent. Furthermore, in the global war for talent, HR professionals and Recruiters must thrive on social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram ... to scout for applicants, check on their competencies and vouch on their online references. Recruitment 3.0 focuses on the building of communities of talent that modern recruiters will need to engage and nurture. Modern recruiters who can inspire their communities will be at a premium in the online age as social media starts to replace traditional media and traditional recruitment attraction techniques as the strategy of choice. Recruitment 3.0 is what you all need to change, adapt and embrace the new recruiting landscape or see your companies fall behind. 

"Recruitment 3.0: Digital Marketing Techniques and Strategies in Talent Acquisition" is an interactive training workshop that will deliver you insights and share practices that will build your skills and help you make your recruitment more effective. Practical application of the insights is a critical part of this workshop, enabling you to experience social recruiting through a range of exercises. The training workshop including two sessions will be hold on December 08th, 2016 at Vissai Saigon Hotel and conducted by Mr. Jonathan Allen Yabut.


• Understand recruitment trends over the globe and in Southeast Asia

• Learn more about key new techniques and tactics as well as how to use them to save time, cost, and effort in recruiting, retaining the toptalent

• Examine effective tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to identify, recruit, and engage high potentials and high performers in the battle for talent

• Learn how to build and manage recruitment content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,..

• Get useful tips, tricks, and strategies on how to maximize social media to search efficiently for the right candidate and meet your organization’s recruitment needs

• Learn how to optimize search engine for recruitment information

• Understand more about how candidates have changed and how to appeal to or approach them via social platforms

• Get more confidence to create a modern talent recruitment strategy in support of your wider HR/People strategy.

• Credit Training Workshop Certificate by Facilitator 



MORNING SESSION:  Digital Talent Recruitment & Employer Branding

The Market Landscape on Talent Recruitment & Management 

• Global trends

• Local trends in Southeast Asia

• Emerging technologies and platforms in the HR industry

Essential Marketing & Advertising for HR Practitioners

• Why are HR professionals also brand managers?

• Introduction to brand building, management, and loyalty

• The Company as the Brand: Understanding your organization’s brand essence and RTB (“reason to believe”)

Introductory Digital Talent Recruitment

• Flashback to Recruitment 2.0: Website, Career Sites, E-mail

• SEO/SEM for Recruitment • Recruitment 3.0: Hire on Facebook, Twit ter, LinkedIn

• Content Building and Management on Social Media

• E-mail vs. Website vs. Social Media: What works best for recruitment?

Hands-on exercise

Smartphone and Desktop apps for your online recruitment needs

Global Case Studies and Best Practices


AFTERNOON SESSION: LinkedIn Marketing for HR Professionals and Talent Recruiters

Spotlight on Linked In: The world’s leading recruitment & career site

• Why use LinkedIn?

• User Demographics of LinkedIn

• Key Features and Services

• Comparison of Linked In vs. other career sites (Monster, Job Street, Jobs DB, etc.)

Hands-on Exercise

Building and Managing your Company’s presence on LinkedIn

• Company Page

• Showcase Pages

• Career Pages

Free vs. Paid LinkedIn Services

• Should I pay for LinkedIn?: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Free vs. Premium Accounts

• Tips and Tricks: How to maximize Linked In for your recruitment needs

Content Management on LinkedIn

• How to build and post your content

• Sponsored content: How to pay for targeted and better exposure for your content

• Sponsored text ad: How to display a targeted text-based advertisement

Hands-on Exercise

Introduction to LinkedIn Recruiter



• TIME: Thursday, December 08th 2016 (07:30 - 17:00)

• VENUE: Vissai Saigon Hotel 144 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam  




Mr. Jonathan Allen Yabut

Winner, Season 1 the Apprentice Asia Founder & Managing Director, JY Consultancy & Ventures Former Chief of Staff, Air Asia


Jonathan Allen Yabut is the Season 1 Winner of the hit Asian reality TV show, The Apprentice Asia. For winning the show, he served for 1 year as Chief of Staff of AirAsia reporting directly to Malaysian business mogul, Tony Fernandes.

Jonathan is a multi-awarded marketer and HR professional with over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, pharmaceutical and aviation industries. In 2012, he was among the top 7 marketers of the Philippines under the age of 35 to receive the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards.

Jonathan today is Asia’s leading motivational speaker on topics involving leadership, Gen Y, and career management for Fortune 500 companies. He is also the author of Southeast Asia’s 2015 best-selling motivational book, “From Grit to Great”. He is based today in Kuala Lumpur as the, founder and managing director of his management consultancy firm, The JY Consultancy & Ventures Group.

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