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To celebrate the diversity of our community, this cocktail party is taking you to New Orleans and its fascinating medley of cultures, food and music. 

The time of a Gumbo Ya-Ya (“everybody talks at once” in Creole), mingle with our community of awesome entrepreneurs and bring your folks along!

On the menu: 
>> Revisited cocktail classics mixed with Saint James, a fine artisanal rum from Martinique
>> Cajun & Creole fusion finger food 
>> Funky Afro Latino Soulful beats

Happy Hour from 8pm to 9:00pm:
>> Start Members: Free beer
>> Guests: Buy 1 get 2

Friday 29 September 2017, from 8pm onwards

+84 286 6828 580,

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Rum-bo Ya Ya - Cocktail Party

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