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  ➤ About the workshop:

Ever dreamt of building your own Cryptocurrency? Or just wonder how Bitcoins actually work?


This workshop will take you through the fundamentals that make cryptocurrency possible. Discover the promises and limitations of cryptocurrencies and get the tips you need to potentially start building your own.


Stefan will share his passion and knowledge he acquired while building his own (unreleased) cryptocurrency, structured in 3 main key points:


=> Public key cryptography - exploiting the magic in prime numbers

=> The public ledger - block sized nuggets of trust

=> The double spend problem – and the solution that expends orders of magnitude more compute cycles than anything else on the planet


Bring your laptop with Python 2.7 installed if you want to get your hands on small exercises for each topic above. Otherwise, no prior knowledge required.


➤ About the Speaker, Stefan Lund (Denmark)

Self-taught programmer, Stefan has been tinkering with technology since middle school. His passion through the years have been for security, cryptography and games. He followed BitCoin from very early on and have built several crypto currency hobby projects throughout the years. Stefan now focuses on his Edtech startup based in Shanghai.

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CryptoCurrency Deep Dive

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