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spice up your marketing
discover the whole new spice up strategic model

« the difference between a superior idea and a normal idea is what will make your fortune ! », prof. jean-pierre baeyens, prof baeyens, strategic spicer and professor at solvay brussels school, université libre de bruxelles, mba harvard business school, will share his spice up model, a new approach to strategic marketing leading to market success !


learning outcomes

after following prof baeyens inspirational training, participants will be able to:

• understand why rules of the games are different in markets today
• get knowledge about how creative marketing goes hand in hand with digital and social
• rethink a marketing strategy around a powerful spice up idea
• distinguish between a simple kiss and a more glamorous spice up brand positioning 
• convince their team that a new approach to marketing is needed in their business unit
• impress and inspire their team in sharing the most recent marketing concepts.


• classical marketing vs « new » marketing : changing the rules of the marketing game

• new consumer, technology and society trends : how it impacts marketing techniques

• new marketing models : towards sharing, oversatisfying and managing your reputation

• why powerful ideas are strongly needed for today marketing strategies : spice up positioning, differentiation and unique value proposition

• powerful ideas at work
o 2 ways to find powerful ideas: be kiss or be spice
o 3 ways to reach strategic differenciation: unique field of leadership, customer segment specialization or dramatic innovation
o creating a spice up customer experience
o cases & examples 

• how to prepare your own spice up plan

"you don't need to be the market leader to succeed in marketing today, but you need to the leader and promoter of a spice up idea !"



professor jean-pierre baeyens

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Early Bird

825.000 VND
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Early Bird (Group 3)

715.000 VND
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Early Bird (Group 6)

660.000 VND
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Old Bird

1.100.000 VND
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Old Bird (Group 3)

880.000 VND
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Old Bird (Group 6)

825.000 VND
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Prof Jean-Pierre Baeyens, portrays himself as a « STATEGIC SPICER". He is well known in Vietnam where he taught to hundreds of managers over the last 15 years and served as Dean in the Solvay Vietnam Belgium Master programs. He is currently mentoring CMO’s and CEO’s in Vietnam and various places in the world .

Prof Baeyens holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a MSc in Management from Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. He is Professor at Solvay Brussels School, where he teaches Corporate Strategy and Strategic Marketing Management. His management career includes various tenures in MNC’s (Procter & Gamble,,..) and most than 20 years as consultant, board member and marketing advisor.

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