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Those who’ve watched the movie Snatch will remember the line, “He’s a Natural, ain’t you Tyrone?” If ever there’s a comedian you could apply that line to — the natural bit, not the name — then it would be Chris Henry.

Within months of stepping foot on the stage in 2003, he made it to the finals of the Jongleurs J20 Comedy Competition. Since then he’s been close to winning Scottish Comedian of the Year, a competition that caused the promoter, Alan Anderson, to claim that Chris had “the best lines of the competition”. He’s performed in every big-name venue in the UK, put together six solo shows and appeared on both TV and radio.

Of course the reviews have followed.
Writes the Evening Express: “He was good. He was very good. In fact, he was exceptional.”
Breakneck Comedy describes Chris as “one of the best acts in the [UK],” while comedy website, Chortle, says that he is “interesting, enjoyably candid, compelling, honest, truthful, even daring”.

Now’s your turn to make up your mind when Chris Henry performs in Hanoi. With support coming from Irish comic Mark O’Keefe, a stand-up who’s forged his way by performing in all the top venues around Canada, expect this to be night of side-splitting fun. Each ticket includes a complimentary glass of Pasteur Street's Jasmine IPA. 

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