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“NOT TO BE MISSED” - The Guardian
★★★★★ “Strides onstage giving precisely zero f*cks” - The Skinny
★★★★ “a splendid comedy beast” - The Scotsman
★★★★ “this is astute, amoral comedy for the morbidly-inclined” - The Age
★★★★ “a triumph” - Herald Sun
Imagine a comedian on-stage performing not your typical set of stand-up comedy, but instead putting on a show where he becomes a live video game.

That is exactly what UK-based, Australian comedian John Robertson has been doing since 2012 with his show, The Dark Room.

Says John in a recent article in Vice Magazine, “It’s a multiplayer text adventure starring a floating head that wants to destroy you. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure that breaks your brain. Options are projected onto a screen, and the floating head is me, holding a light and screaming abuse into your dumb, little face.”

The idea is for players aka the audience to try and escape, but John stops them “through a combination of logic and the kind of insults my high school PE teacher used to mistake for encouragement.”

Succeed, he says, and you’ll win GBP1,000. Fail, and YOU DIE.

Naturally such an unusual, interactive show has garnered rather a lot of interest. In fact, hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits worth of interest. And now it’s coming to Vietnam.

So for a night of interactive, insane improvised comedy and retro gaming, get yourself down to Standing Bar on Thursday 28 September. This is dark, surreal and very, very funny.

Tickets re 215K in advance and 250K on the door. Each ticket includes a complimentary glass of Pasteur Street's Jasmine IPA.

Standing Bar is located at 170 Tran Vu St on the edge of Truc Bach Lake; opening hours 4pm til midnight, Tuesday thru Sunday.

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