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How many times you've found yourself paralyzed in front of your goals, or sabotaging yourself over and over, by endless "preparation" or directly postponing the relevant tasks, wasting your time on social media? (a.k.a. procrastination).
How many times you've tried to take on a routine, like going to the gym or pay a year-long subscription to the gym just to feel regret for a whole year after you burn out and quit after the first month?.

Whether if it's in your personal or professional life or your business, we all been in similar situations, and the thing as long as you have a bad framework on how your brain works and you lack self-awareness, this it's not going to change.

Come and join us for a 2-DAY (after office hours) WORKSHOP on how to set inspiring goals that thrive action, how to use strategic thinking to make any goal achievable, and habits & patterns creation to make your unconscious mind work in your favor, so you walk towards your goal on auto-pilot.

In this workshop you'll learn:
A new framework to understand how to work your conscious and unconscious minds
How to set effective goals that inspire action.
How to use strategic thinking so you can make the un-achievable, achievable.
How to create and integrate the right thinking patterns and habits that sticks in time, so you start making your unconscious mind work in your favor.

This workshop is A MUST for you if in your life or your business:
- You keep paralyzing when facing big challenges
- You get paralyze by the idea of making a big life change
- You sabotage yourself constantly
- You procrastinate (waste time) on social media or unproductive tasks
- You don't know how to set a priority.
- You fail consistently while trying to integrate a new habit in your life.

Schedule for the 2 Days Workshop:
- WEDNESDAY 23rd August 19:00- 21:00hrs
- THURSDAY 24th August 19:00- 21:00hrs
(Please keep that it's really relevant to be punctual as there will be group activities)

More about the speaker:
Marcelo Ortega, is an International Life & Business Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur that believes each of us has something unique to give. Helping people to overcome their fears and limitations so they can fully unleash their creative potential and give their highest contribution to their world.

Nowadays, after trying in many ventures, Marcelo developed a career as a Life & Business Coach and travels around the world helping people by empowering them to forge their way into a meaningful life and to do what they love.

"Let's create a society that inspires us to develop our creative potential. A society where we all do our highest contribution"

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Spread out on three open floors, the Hive Saigon is a beautifully designed workspace located in the heart of District 2. Designed with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in mind, the Hive Saigon is designed as a setting where your business can thrive.

You will be joining a coworking community that spans four countries, giving you access to a deep network of potential clients and suppliers of goods or services.

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