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Gen E ' s Summer Beach Clean

900.000 VND
Vé ngừng bán online

Giá vé là 900K/người bao gồm

* Xe đưa đón 2 chiều
* Các bữa ăn: ăn trưa và tối thứ 7, ăn sáng Chủ Nhật
* Đồ uống và ăn nhẹ trong lúc dọn và sau khi dọn rác
* Dụng cụ dọn rác
* Ở qua đêm tại Coco BeachCamp
* Tham dự buổi Afterparty với 2 đồ uống miễn phí
* Các quà tặng đặc biệt từ Gen E

Nhà tổ chức

Generation Eco

We met during a trash cleaning event on a Sunday afternoon when most of us would be lazy lounging by the pool or catching up on some sleep in bed. We decided that instead of repeating the things we do in our free time, we will do something good for the community. After 3 long hours of digging through an endless pit of trash together, a beautiful friendship blossomed. It wasn’t long before we came together with one shared passion in mind: clean up our beautiful country and create unforgettable memories while doing it!
We are a new generation of individuals who strive to not only dream big but actually make it happen. We not only care about what goes on in our own lives, but we care about the lives of others and making the world a happier, cleaner and more fun place to live in. We are looking for those who share the same compassion and spirit as we do, so if you want to make a change, making some new amazing friends and sharing unforgettable memories, come join our team of superheroes!

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