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  • Wondering how to prepare and plan for your self-growth in the future of work?
  • Have you ever doubted yourself and found it hard to design your life & career?
  • Do you want to meet & greet with experienced experts and other active Gen Z(s) to drive the discussion of the future of work for your generation?


You are at the right place! Welcome you to The Future of Work - Mini Course for Students, organized by Fulbright University Vietnam and Dreamplex.


The purpose of the course is to drive the discussion on the future of work in Vietnam within student communities through exposure to a breadth of interrelated topics, and demand participants to connect the dots and formulate new insights that can be adapted to their personal and professional development. There are 5 classes every Saturday from 18/06 - 15/07, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM delivered by prominent guests.


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  • Explore new ideas and concepts that can inform their perspective on the future of work;
  • Reflect on their own preparation for the future and improve their strategies to navigate the VUCA (and even hyper-VUCA) world;
  • Connect with a diverse cohort of learners to understand practical contexts and applications of new ideas, innovations, or improvements towards “future-proofing” themselves.



  • All undergraduate students and fresh graduates who are interested in learning about what the future of work looks like, how they can design a fulfilling life and career in this context, and how they can prepare for this future.
  • Up to 30 participants/ module



  • Expert practitioners and mentors who will lead learning modules and provide dedicated time for consultation and coaching;
  • Structured learning to facilitate breadth of latest research on future of work, while providing an opportunity for depth for particularly interested learners;
  • Social support network through a growing “Future of Work” alumni community, where regular programming will be held to connect all learners past and present of the course;
  • Recognition of your time and effort through physical/ digital certificates, which can be shared with current and future employers to show your commitment to the future of work.



  • 20/05 - 03/06: Early Bird Registration
  • 04/06 - 15/06: Normal Registration
  • 18/06: Opening Ceremony & Future of Work 101: Linh Pham, Future of Work Architect, Fulbright University Vietnam
  • 25/06: (Guest Lecturers) Signalling Theory: Tung Nguyen (Akwaaba, Tùng) & Phuong Do, MỞ - Mơ & Hỏi
  • 02/07: Life & Career Design: Luu Ky Nam, Founder & CEO, Coachagy
  • 09/07: Develop In-demand Skills: Workplace Communication: Thai Van Linh, Founder & CEO, TVL Group
  • 16/07: Wellness in The Future of Work - My Holland, Founder & CEO, Equest Asia




1. Opening Ceremony & Future of Work 101: Linh Pham, Future of Work Architect, Fulbright University Vietnam

Date & Time: Saturday, 18/06, 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Learning outcomes:

  • The concept and prominent features of the future of work 
  • Drivers of the future of work 
  • Reasons why the future of work matters to them 
  • Ways that students can start preparing for this future

Practitioner’s bio:

  • As the person in that “very niche” position now, Linh’s personal goal is to help students become more self-aware, think independently, and have a less rocky transition into an increasingly uncertain and complex future.
  • Linh graduated with a Master of Public Policy (specialised in Environment and Public Policy) from The Australian National University and a Bachelor of Laws from the School of Law, Vietnam National University — Hanoi. She either watches YouTube videos or reads in her free time, and she still has a soft spot for 2000s alternative and punk rock.


2. Module 1 (Guest Lecturers): Signaling Theory by Phuong Do, CEO & Tung Nguyen, Chief of Culture, MỞ - Mơ và Hỏi

Date & Time: Saturday, 25/06, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Learning outcomes: 

  • A better understanding of Signaling theory in the scope of education and job market
  • A better understanding of the role technology plays in the future of education

Practitioners’ bio:

  • Tung Nguyen: Tung is an educator, learner, blogger, a dreamer who do, and a “sunset hunter”. Akwaaba, Tung is where he writes about alternative ways to look at: education, the creator economy, organizational culture, leadership, and being a better human. Fun fact: He's seen the sunset in 12 different timezones.
  • Phuong Do: Phuong is a senior at Minerva University, a global undergraduate university dedicated to reimagining higher education. Studying with people from all over the world and learning about problems that different cities face, she sees problems in education as part of larger issues such as city/urban planning. She's deeply interested in learning experiences and urban design.


3. Module 2: Life & Career Design by Luu Ky Nam, Founder & CEO, Coachagy

Date & Time: Saturday, 02/07, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Learning outcomes:

  • The world today and the role of the young generation
  • The challenges of the young generation today in life and career design
  • The why question for life and career.
  • The connection with one’s deep inner self
  • Critical skills to thrive in the new VUCA world

Practitioner’s bio:

  • As an Executive Coach, Coach Nam provides 1:1 and team coaching to individuals/businesses on leadership and management skills, helping them find their best versions as a person/leader. What makes Nam unique as an Executive Coach is his business insights, leadership experience from 25 years in MNC where his latest role was Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer from AIA VN, and his own experience transitioning from corporate to start-up.
  • Coach Nam’s clients include start-up owners, sales leaders, and management staff from different industries. He also frequently talks to young people from different organizations and universities about youth leadership potential and career design.
  • Coach Nam founded Coachagy in May 2021 with one goal in mind: helping individuals, and business leaders to unleash potential, achieve dreams, live a fulfilling life, and make a positive impact on the communities.


4. Module 3: Develop In-demand Skills: Workplace Communication by Thai Van Linh, Founder & CEO, TVL Group 

Date & Time: Saturday, 09/07, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Learning outcomes: 

  • Clearly organize your ideas using frameworks and techniques that enable you to concisely express your opinions in the workplace
  • What to say and how to say it: Communication methods for effective conversations
  • How to create presentations that are clear, concise and convincing to your company and clients

Practitioner’s bio:

Thai Van Linh has more than 20 years of experience in finance, marketing, and operations. She is the Founder and CEO of TVL Group, a consulting company focused on skills-gap training and development, as well as branding and marketing services. She has worked at internet startups, investment funds, and large corporations.


5. Module 4: Wellness in The Future of Work by My Holland, Founder & CEO, EQuest Asia

Date & Time: Saturday, 16/07, 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding wellbeing is part of our success 
  • Self-leadership includes good mental health 
  • Strengthening our resilience and lowering our stress

Practitioner’s bio:

My Holland, CEO and founder of EQuest Asia, specializes in Emotional Intelligence, Neuroleadership, Positive Psychology, and Mental Toughness. She is a catalyst for positive changes and focuses on transformational and human leadership. As one of the top EQ leaders in both Australia and Vietnam, she has clients from all over the world. She is the published author of Happiness is the Way, Leadership 01, and Feminine Quotient.



  • introduction: 15 minutes
  • Group Work - Case study & Discussion (In total): 60 minutes
  • Presentation / Lecture: 45 minutes
  • Discussion (Q&A): 45 minutes
  • Closing: 15 minutes

The course is designed for you to brainstorm, discuss, present and debate your opinions regarding each topic. You are encouraged to prepare before each module and actively in the class to get the best out of this course.



We only receive registration through Ticketbox. If you have promotion coupons, please use them in the payment process on this platform. Non Refundable.

  • Early Bird Package for Full Course (Only for those registering by 03/06): 1,200,000 VND
  • Original Package for Full Course: 1,500,000 VND
  • Single module: 300,000 VND/ module

If you have any concerns or problems with the registration, please contact Ms. Phương via phone number (0844349996) or email ( to be assisted.



Strategic Partners: TVL Group, Coachagy, EquestAsia, MỞ - Mơ & Hỏi

Media Partners: British University Vietnam, AIESEC in Vietnam, VOCO, Give It Back, Lead The Change




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The Future of Work 101 - Orientation by Linh Pham

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Module 1: Signaling Theory by Akwaaba Tùng & Phuong Do

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Module 2: Life & Career Design by Luu Ky Nam

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Module 3: Develop In-demand Skills: Workplace Communication by Thai Van Linh

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Module 4: Wellness in The Future of Work by My Holland

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