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As Head of Engineering at FinTech and InsurTech platform GoBear, Gustavo Elias has 15+ years of experience in software development, engineering and innovation. He’ll dive into the ins and outs of the software engineering world, a career known for its lucrative salaries and high demand – and whether he thinks the software bubble will burst, given future developments in automated code-writing, cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, and an increasingly code-literate generation.

Topics we’ll cover:
• Hottest Software Trends in 2020
• Biggest Barriers to Entry in Software Development
• How to Keep Up-To-Date In A Rapidly Developing Field
• Will Software Engineering Be Obsolete by 2060?

✅Date: Wednesday 6th Nov 2019
✅Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm (Doors open 7:00pm)
✅ Location: the Hive Thao Dien
🎟Admission: 50,000 VND including 1 drink (beer, coffee, tea, soft drink or juice)

⚑ Hosted by The Hive Saigon, Hive Life and The Experience Series at The Hive Thao Dien

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50.000 VND
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50,000 VND including 1 drink (beer, coffee, tea, softdrink or juice)

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