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If you are a passionate entrepreneur, doing what you love is easy. The challenge is all the other stuff you avoid doing; difficult clients, marketing, chasing payments etc. In this one hour interactive workshop, we will look at how to turn what you find boring or challenging, into a playful game. A game to boost your energy, habits and excitement. We call it The Sales Game.

"The Sales Game takes the winning techniques of games to the workplace to optimize fun and productivity."

PS. If you say "hey I am not really in sales" We would ask you to also come to see how leading, managing, building a business is really a sales (sharing) game in disguise.

Free Entry // 19 January 1pm - 2pm // The Hive 

About the speaker

Dylan is Canadian entrepreneur and softskill trainer. He also a professor for Solvay and teaches an MBA course on Communications. He has lived in Asia for 10 years and has trained/coached in 10 countries around the region. His passion is sharing, questions, travelling and kaizen. Dylans favorite games growing up were "Hide and Seek", adventure games like Space Quest and board games like Monopoly.

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