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Left behind a life as a spiritual teacher in the States, Lobsang, in the movie Tashi and the Monk, found his happiness building an environment for 80 orphan children in Jhamtse Gatsai in the Himalayas.

Tashi, whose mother recently passed away, was abandoned by her alcoholic father. She's struggling to find her place in the community, and then she met Buddhist Monk.

See the story of how the Monk empowered the life of this little girl to find and appreciate the gift that is her life.

Date: Friday, 24 May 2018
- Doors open at 7 pm
- The Screening will begin at 7:30 pm
- Every ticket includes 1 Drink & 1 Snack
(outside food is welcomed)

Public: 100K dong
Members of the Hive: 80K dong

Limited tickets: coming soon

The Hive Screening screens some of the best documentaries in history in an amazing co-working/ event space located in the heart of D2.

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Standard Ticket

100.000 VND
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Snack and Drink Included

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the Hive Saigon

Spread out on three open floors, the Hive Saigon is a beautifully designed workspace located in the heart of District 2. Designed with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in mind, the Hive Saigon is designed as a setting where your business can thrive.

You will be joining a coworking community that spans four countries, giving you access to a deep network of potential clients and suppliers of goods or services.

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