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This course is designed to improve your training techniques and increase your confidence when delivering training courses. The program’s emphasis on practical skill development enables those with limited experience to gain the required competence and necessary confidence to function as trainers in the workplace. It will also provide an opportunity for more experienced trainers to formalize their existing skills.


Designed for:

New and potential trainers, frontline managers, supervisors, team leaders and others who are responsible for presenting training programs or conducting short training sessions in the workplace.

Date: 17 & 18 - October 2019 (2 days)
Location: Sheraton Saigon Hotel
Trainer: Nguyen Huu Thanh (Mr.)
Training fee: 7,600,000
Language: Vietnamese

Learning Objectives:

  • Promote learner participation and involvement by using effective questioning techniques in a training session
  • Evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on
  • Define the factors that promote learning
  • Understand the difference between training and presenting information
  • Use recognized success measures to assess effective learning
  • Define effective feedback

Course Content:

1. Introductions and objectives

  • What is learning
  • Adult learners
  • What makes an effective trainer
  • Identifying learner needs
  • Training session and feedback to identify strengths and areas to work on
  • Identifying the language, literacy and numeracy needs of participants

2. Introductions and objectives

  • Identifying training needs
  • Matching training needs with competency standards
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training needs analysis forms
  • Developing training objectives
  • Training outcomes
  • Assessing the participants following the training

3. What is effective feedback

4. Understanding learning – how do adults learn

  • Training approaches
  • Using more than one approach
  • Training methods

5. Training versus presenting

  • Planning the introduction of your training session
  • Planning the body of your training session
  • Planning your conclusion
  • Session plans
  • Presenting information

6. Trainer techniques to promote learning

  • Use of resources
  • Demonstrating skills
  • Effective questioning
  • Dealing with difficult learners

7. Practice trainer techniques in a training session

  • Effective communication
  • Facilitating learning
  • Providing opportunities for practice
  • Encouraging participants and providing feedback 
  • Revising and modifying the training session

8. Planning ahead

  • Encouraging learners to assess their own performance
  • Evaluating the training session

About our trainer:

Mr Thanh has over 20 years experience in training, leadership and management, coaching and mentoring and quality assurance.

He is currently the Deputy General Manager of Quality Assurance at Vietnam Airlines. One of his roles at Vietnam Airlines is to deliver training programmes to numerous departments and staff to develop the organisation’s human resources.

In addition to his work experience at Vietnam Airlines, he has delivered many training workshops to a variety of clients. Furthermore, he was a certified trainer at Dale Carnegie Vietnam and delivered many in-company training programmes to a variety of clients.

His training and coaching style combines professionalism, passion, high level of energy and enthusiasm, humour, and sincere care. He has a heart, devotion and aspiration to grow people, which make him a very accountable, encouraging, patient and persistent trainer.

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