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⚡️⚡️⚡️VietChallenge 2018 is proudly announcing our Regional Round in Hanoi! 6 teams will be presenting their pitches and competing to be in the top 3 for National Round. Let’s come and see which teams will be advancing to the next round!⚡️⚡️⚡️

Participating teams:

- Ship60: Ship60 is an instant delivery platform that helps E-commerce sellers to deliver their shipments ASAP. Through Ship60, E-commerce sellers can save delivery time up to 1-2 hour while maintaining accurate tracking. 

- Handfree: Hand Free is a service that helps customers find people to do handyman jobs such as fixing electricity or fixing water pipes for them. Our customers will be more productive and save a lot of time everyday by delegating chores to our partners.

- Helios: Helios is an innovative renewable energy company, commits to deliver the best solar solutions. By leveraging the connections between energy and banking industries, the team brings unique value propositions to residential, industrial and commercial customers in major cities of Vietnam.

- Checkit: Checkit is a book summary library on mobile apps with a vision to revolutionize reading experience everyday. This product provides concise, easy-to-remember and terminology-free keynotes summarized by field experts in native languages. Users only need 20 minutes to gain 80% of best business books.

- Elight education: Elight Education provides an innovative English learning platform based on developing all 4 core language skills: Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing. Students are challenged through creatively designed lessons that are accessible 24/7 on any electronic device (laptop, smartphone, tablets) with Internet connection. 

- Abbycard: Abbycard is a retail platform that allows customers to have advanced and interactive in-store experience. Thus, customer retention and sales will be increased. There are four core plug-ins: loyalty program, customer analytics, interactive communication + feedback, e-voucher.

Panel of Judges:

Bùi Cẩm Vân - Chief Operating Officer - Up Co-working Space
Lê Quốc Vinh - Chairman/CEO - LeGroup
Nguyễn Đình Thành - Managing Director, Co-Founder - Elite PR School
Trần Phương Hoa - Founder, CEO - Summit Education Services
Denny Cowger - Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel - Ortholite

VietChallenge is one of the first startups competitions for Vietnamese talents residing in Vietnam and abroad.

Please bring your ID to the event for check-in purpose.


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VietChallenge 2018 Regional Round

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VietChallenge is the first startup competition for Vietnamese talents all over the world.

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