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🔺🔺🔺 Waiting for the next big event held by Bigcoin Vietnam - [VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY NOV 2018]!
+ Over 1000 people attended
+ With the appearance from 20+ major projects
+ 15 speakers
💥💥 Register now for Bigcoin Vietnam!
⏰ Time: Saturday, 17th Nov/ 2018. From 8:00 - 21:00 (Check-in time: ⌚ 8:00 - 9:00. (Check-in time: 8:00 - 9:00. You should checkin within that time to not miss any interesting activity session in the conference)
Landing page: - Season 2

📍 Topic: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Self-destruction or Self-adoption?
Target guests: 1000+ guests, 15+ speakers, 20+ exhibitions, 10+ media sponsors

☑ Dev/tech enthusiasts
☑ Investors
☑ Traders
☑ Marketing agency representatives (both overseas and local)

🚩 2 panel discussions
Exhibitions will be outside of the presentation hall
08:00- 08:30 Booths preparation must be done
Each presenter has 10 minutes for his presentation at the exhibition 

🔡 Presenters from ICO projects (post, upcoming and active ICO)
Exchanges, KOLs, Technology giants, invited speakers 

🕰 Where Blockchain founders and coreteam share insights on potential Blockchain technologies, and share their investment knowledge in the cryptocurrency market.
Vietnam Blockchain Day - share the value to the community!

🌭 Why VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY is a great event?

1. Share Crypto investment knowledge, reduce risk, increase profitability.
2. Exchange of in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology with representatives from Blockchain and Technology leaders all over the world
3. Seeking opportunities for cooperation with potential partners at the Conference 

🍟 Private dinner party before event: Limited number: VC, KOLs, Projects, VIP
🍔 Party after event: Free 
Registration form:

🔡 Register Vietnam Blockchain Day in Hanoi (18-11) with community

Ticket number of the event (maximum): 1000 tickets
The number of tickets is unlimited
Deadline for registration: 20h 17-11-2018!

🔡 Visit Bigcoinvietnam community for more details

📎 Telegram: (@BigcoinVietnam)
📎 Website:
📎 Event link:

With VIETNAM BLOCKCHAIN DAY, and the opportunity to MEET, to NETWORKING and to SHARE is HERE. VBD will help members capture those opportunities via 1-day conference.

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Bigcoin Capital is largest venture capital in Vietnam focusing on blockchain industry. We are also a conscientious accelerator that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies. We put forth our best effort to help with networking, fundraising, consulting, and more

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