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Welcome to the Vietnam Learning and Technology Conference 2024 conference, hosted at the United Nations International School of Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi). This year our theme is Empowering Learners in a Changing World. As we navigate a world undergoing rapid technological, social, and environmental shifts, it is paramount to ensure our learners are poised not only to adapt, but to lead and innovate.

This conference brings together educators, thought leaders, and industry experts to delve into the pressing topics of our age - from digital literacy and global citizenship to the cutting-edge realms of virtual and augmented reality, gamification, and the transformative role of AI in education.

Join us in this enlightening journey as we seek to shape the future of education, ensuring that our students are not only informed but empowered to be changemakers in our interconnected world.

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VLTC 2024

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UNIS Hanoi

United Nations International School Hanoi

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