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Yoga Out Loud brings together the healing properties of yoga, the uplifting sounds of deep house, the inspiring imagery of live art, the bohemian style of jewelry and the refreshing effect of juice straight from the fruit.


"Who knew that modern electronic music could be a perfect match for a 5,000-year-old spiritual practice?"

Energizing Vinyasa, a relaxing outdoor venue, uplifting deep house music; see for yourself how well they match as Lolli Anderson and Gabriela Brisolla lead us through two separate yoga classes at The SPOT - Pool & Leisure.

Reserve tickets now for 150k vnd each as space as extremely limited and this will sell out.

You can join us at 11:00am or 12:30pm.

After each of the classes guests are welcome to enjoy a cool dip in the pool, relax in the cleansing heat of the sauna or both! Food and drinks also available.

Do yoga a little differently. Do Yoga Out Loud.


A few extra notes to consider:

*Bring your yoga mat
*Bring a friend
*At the door, tell us whether or not you'd like hands-on adjustments
*This is a beginner's vinyasa flow with variations on asanas for more experienced practitioners



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Session 1

150.000 VND
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