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"If there's such a thing as being too honest in comedy, Doug Stanhope may come close" (Time Out, Chicago).  

Acclaimed US comedian Doug Stanhope comes to  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with his debut Asia tour this March, dishing out his incomparable brand of acerbic social commentary for local audiences in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Shanghai and Vietnam.


Stanhope has been compared to such fearless comic revolutionaries as Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks. But his work makes it abundantly clear that he's a complete original. 'Doug Stanhope is the most dangerous comedian in the world. If we were both fighters I would avoid him at all costs. He is a bad, bad man' - Chris Rock

He’s appeared at multiple major comedy festivals including Montreal Just For Laughs, Aspen US Comedy Arts, Chicago Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Scotland, where he won the Strathmore Press Award for Best Act of the Fringe in his debut year. 

In a field crowded with conformists and copycats, Stanhope is a genuinely original comic voice, albeit a gleefully vulgar one. "A visionary douchebag" says The Times (London). Raw, agitated and unflinching, he holds forth on all manner of major injustices and petty annoyances, excoriating himself as much as any of his other targets. But Stanhope's venomous bile is matched by his passion and conviction, as well as a fierce intellect that gives his work a level of substance and subtlety that belies his snarling exterior. His comedy is as corrosive as it is hilarious, and his righteous self-immolation is exhilarating and life-affirming in its cathartic honesty. 

Don't miss one of the most important voices in modern comedy this March. 

Much of what’s wrong with the world melts away in Stanhope’s flame... comedy with brains and guts and a heart...”
— Guardian

“...the most fearless man in comedy”
— Esquire

“…an acidic blend of prickly hostility, elaborately articulated self-loathing and righteous anger”
— New York Times

Thông tin vé

Back of room

700.000 VND

Doors from 7pm. Show starts 8.30pm

Middle section

900.000 VND

Doors from 7pm. Show starts 8.30pm

Front section

1.300.000 VND

Doors from 7pm. Show starts 8.30pm

VIP "Doug Fan and Alcohol Lover" FRONT

1.800.000 VND
Hết vé

Doors from 7pm. Section seats and free drinks/snacks 1 hour before show. Invite to the Rooftop Bar afterwards.

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