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Create an amazing experience for your customer - How to give customer an amazing end to end experience which they like to share and recommend!

We will have a look at customer feedback, journey mapping and experience management to understand what is important for your clients and how to create a flawless and outstanding end to end experience

- Map the customer journeys for your business

- Understand the needs and expectation of your customer 

- Take actions to improve your customer's experience and to suprise them

- Learn how to provide great customer service, handling complaints, engagement tools, loyalty program and more

Trainer: Carsten Ley

Carsten is the former VP Customer Experience of Lazada Vietnam and has conducted several Customer Experience projects for companies like Lazada, Home Credit, Milano Coffee and Quan UT UT /Biacraft. He sees a lot of room to improve the professialism, adaptivity to different customer groups and service / complint handling. 

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