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This time, SHIELD will bring to you a founder who has been building his startup with 300+ paying customer includes McDonald"s, Panasonic, Coca-Cola enterprise and many others from over the world. 

In this Founder Sharing Series event, Mr. Chhai will share with us 3 main points:

- What do a founder or a startup team need to prepare to go global? 

- What are the obstacles and pain-points of selling product/services cross-border? 

- How to find then acquire customers/ users globally? 


About our speaker

Chhai Thach is a co-founder and CTO of Go Reception, a front office automation software company based in Adelaide with customers all over the world. Go Reception is a highly customisable visitor management solution available for iPad and Android tablets. Go Reception has + 300 clients from 81 cities in the world and is trusted by big brands such as McDonald, Panasonic, Cocacola Enterprise,....

Prior to that, he is the founder of Majoran co-working space, the first private co-working space in South Australia. He"s also a co-founder of SouthStart Accelerate.

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